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The help that words kindness and being there

This post is for the wonderful man I spoke to a year ago and I don't no where I got the no I no it's a liver helpline I called and to my amazement it was the same man and I remembered everything that we spoke about before he was so kind I was on the phone two hours,I confused myself as of me mental state and it ain't me liver but he gave me time his time and and like that lovely lady on BLT I felt safe as they will not judge u or try to diagnose you they will give you the thing no one can buy ! I'm trying my best to cope and I no there's people who never drank never done drugs .I Thankyou for being so true as I do think it's unfare when I done this to me but thanks again as I'm not so ashamed now .

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Thank you for posting about the helpline service Faithfull, we are glad we helped a little,

Best wishes,



Sorry ain't been in touch misses endoscopy and ACT scan liver pelvic .

Got a last a dr that is staying at surgery .dr was told what's going on as she is concerned she made the last few weeks easier and I'm grateful for that,GP called social services while I was there I was so glad then had assesent and sent to other referrals and I could not benefit from them I new this GP is really good and I hoots see her on ect week .had scoot everything thing looking normal me ulcer must have gone but I could not have any local only on back of mouth I

Had to be done so it's done .good news.I never had anyone there that could check on me if I had sedative but social worker new this as well its out the way and I go go and see if I been referred to be referred back I feel like a boomerang !


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