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Help please! I’m new here and have raised ALT levels

Hi - first time to this forum, hello everyone. I wonder if anyone can give me some advice? Was put on medication in august which had liver problems as a side affect, by end of september alt levels went from normal to 140, came straight off meds, levels dropped to 70 within a week, then another test 2 weeks later levels gone back to 143 - doctor wants me to repeat again in 3 or 4 weeks and if still raised wants me to have a jelly scan, whatever that is, i have no jaundice, pain, or itching, feel generally well and other than a bout of cystitis no other health problems and take no other medication. Doctor says its curious. Need i be worried? Has anyone else had oddly fluctuating alt levels? I did have a weekend of drinking a bit too much to celebrate a big birthday in the middle of all this - could one weekend of this be the cause? Thanks.

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It sounds like your GP may want you to have an ultra sound they use jelly on the probe. Your liver enzymes can fluctuate throughout the day exercise will raise them as will alcohol. Also ALT can come from other sources other than the liver so they may want to check that out as well.


Thanks for the reply. I’m due to have more bloods taken in a few weeks to check ALT so until I get those results I’ll abstain from any booze, and take some milk thistle and turmeric as I’ve read these support the liver. I’ve never had problems before but then I’ve been lucky enough not to need medication. I’m off all meds’ now too so next reading should be a good indicator if there is damage. I’ve never heard an ultrasound being called a jelly scan before either. He is a very young doctor maybe I’m out of touch!


Hi forget the milk thistle and turmeric-highly unlikely they’ll do anything with alt levels. Doubt it’s alchol either - wait for the latest results and take it from there. Best


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