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Hi - I was diagnosed earlier this year after having my Gallbladder removed. I have only this week been told, after a Fibroscan that it is as bad as the surgeon thought. So the scarring is really bad but I have been reading people knowing a score from this and was not given one. My bloods from months ago were not bad however they have taken more bloods this week to check. I am experiencing memory/concentration problems, forget what I am talking about, make mistakes, forget words. i am also very tired. I asked at my first appointment to be referred to a dietician but the Consultant thought I was doing well myself. After hearing that the Chirrhosis (can never spell it correctly) is bad I completely forgot to ask to be referred again. How many people have been referred to a dietician and how did they get on? Also has anyone got any tips on coping with this diagnosis and the symptoms that are coming down the line. I want to make as many changes as I can to keep my liver working as long as possible. I want to try to be as positive as i can but have not been this week so far as I felt quite shocked this week - I think it is really sinking in now.

Sorry don't mean to be all doom and gloom but just looking for some advice if anyone can help.

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They will in refer you to a dietician if your losing weight or muscle. All food needs to be fresh, cut salt out of your diet , no pre made meals (microwave meals) a lot of protein to keep your liver from eating your muscles. No in can prepare you for symptoms as each individual is different some people get one or two and others like myself get every one of them plus extra complications but it's a case of dealing with them as they come along, keep active as well and keep bowel movements regular also plenty of water. I totally understand and I know how hard it is to accept but your best just taking each day as it comes and please try not to worry much the hospital will do the best they can for you along the way (even though it won't feel like it) the liver is an amazing organ and if you look after it may be able to repair some of the damage. And tiredness is definitely a normal sign and nothing I can suggest will ease that any apart from if your tired have a sleep just listen to your body x


Hi , please try not to worry , jojo is totally right in her reply to you .

Yes it can be a shock at first but with me it took several years before it sank in .i have cirrohsis. 9 and a half yrs now .mine was through alcohol dependancy due to loads of reasons so it was my escape so to spreak

My fibroscan results were very high .diagnosed f4 end stage fibrosis . I have insomnia , bouts of fatigue , my memory is bad at times . Last night i left the central heating on and my electric blanket ! Mind you it was the longest 5 hours unbroken sleeo i have ebrr had lol . I am on lactulose but its not really had much affect .due to see liver dr and more scans on 7 nov .

Diet wise , low salt very important . Fresh veg and fruit .plenty of protein , just go with the flow so to speak and yes listen to your body . I have had many an afternoon sleep and i nod off without. Knowing sometimes . Keep active too .i cant so much now due to thinninng of the hip amd a slight increase of bone sclerosis. Have to use a walking stick now and orthopsedic triage assesment on 9 nov . Most important ask questions from yoir gp / consultant .i always have a list each time i go .oh and get a flu jab 😊. Stay positive. Linda x

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