Question on LFT's

Can anyone answer why on Doctors test for liver function a Fatty liver or one that is enlarged does not show on the regular bands? I knew I had both, nothing showed on surgery test? ..indeed a argument ensued with GP on this as he assured me all liver function test was 'normal' I went on to have 3 Scans this month, 1 ultrasound and all showed the above, time to switch surgery? Maybe someone can answer this, looked on net a brief mention from NHS of it, but nothing in depth, so my advice is get a ultrasound or ct scan , luckily I already knew but many will not!

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  • Sometimes it is possible that LFT's will appear normal when in fact the liver is struggling. This is down to how much of the liver is actually still functioning. Since I am not medically qualified, I am afraid I cannot give you more detail, but it is possible that not all of the liver is functioning 100%, but the LFT's will appear normal. If you sign up for the Liver course that seems to run (for free) every so often, they will explain it on there. Sorry I can't be more help :(

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