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Newbie here

I have been having some tests after an abnormal blood test. The latest was a fibroscan yesterday with a result of 45. All the nurse told me was that it measures from 0 to 75 so 45 was just above mid-range. From what I've been reading 45 is a very high result almost certainly indicating cirrhosis and this has me worried. My worst symptom is tiredness. What is the best way you have found to combat the tiredness?

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Welcome to the forum.

Are you under the care of a liver specialist? If you are, then we would suggest that you discuss your fibroscan result with them ASAP.

If you are not under the care of a liver specialist, then your GP can organise that referral to them, you may want to see your GP soon to discuss your results and also the symptoms that you are experiencing.

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Thank you so much for replying. As you can guess my imagination is running riot but I'm trying to be realistic. I was had the fibroscan at the Gastroenterology Department at my local hospital after having a CT scan which showed multiple cysts on my liver. I tried ringing the hospital today but there were no clinical staff there to speak to me. In the end I contacted Patient Liaison and they said that someone from Gastroenterology would call me back within 24 hours so now I have to wait to hear from them.


What an idiot I am! Don't know why I wrote "CT scan", I meant ultrasound.


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