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Salt & Sugar alternatives, also shingles vaccination and swollen feet, ankles and lower legs


Hi All, hope you are all as well as you can be.

I'm not normally keen on desserts and sugar except in coffee, and salt only on chips with vinegar. Are there any safer options for a cirrhosis sufferer. I've heard of lo-salt and saccharine, but don't know if they are safe for me. Also, I've had a letter from my GP about having a shingles vaccination for 70 year old's. I am currently feeling well, apart from swollen feet, ankles and lower legs (any thoughts on this please), and wonder if I should go for it.

Kindest regards,


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Hi David, my friend who has cirrhosis was advised to use a low sodium salt. He has actually found it a lot easier than he thought to cut salt from his diet, he is experimenting with spices instead to season food. With your swollen legs and ankles do you have acitites? Your doctor can give you water tablets for this. Best wishes to you.

Hi Jacksonfield, thanks for your reply. I will look out for low sodium salt. Yes, I had ascites in my abdomen and a bit of swelling of my feet & ankles. my stomach has since gone down, but the swelling of my feet & ankles still remains, I have an appointment with my gastro doc in a couple of weeks time, so will ask him about the swelling.

Kindest Regards, David

For the best results you need to cut salt out completely... As was mentioned using spices to season food is the best answer, you won't miss it in the long run even after my transplant I don't use salt no more as I find spices more interesting. X

davianne in reply to jojokarak

Many thanks Jojokarak, I love spices, especially anything hot. I am using pepper as a salt replacement, but sometimes have ready meals which I think are high in salt. I must try to cook my meals from scratch so I can control what goes into them.

Kindest Regards, David

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