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Just woken up & Fear I've damaged my Liver

Hi All,

I'm currently really stressed with fear, and probably anxiety for some years now having struggled with dealing (ignoring) various symptoms which probably go back 7-10 years.. I have recently had some kids & I think the fear of dying & leaving them has given me a huge wake up call... My symptoms over the years mainly centered around stomach issues.. I have been a heavy drinker for 20 years im now 40.. probably from 30 upwards my drinking increased to daily 4+ beers.. since about 35 I have drunk mainly weekends.. but it was heavy 6 beers friday sat & sun.. then weekdays I would not drink.. however thinking back I cant believe i was ignoring the warning signs.. bloated stomach, foggy brain, anxiety & more... but recently maybe 3 years ago, I started looking unhealthy, Currently my symptoms are pressure under right rib & itchy skin, extreme anxiety & stress, and some tiredness lethargy particularity after eating.. I have mostly loose stools ranging from light brown to medium brown.. I think I have trouble digesting fats & some malabsorbtion.. obviously I'm scared. I have made the conscious decision to stop drinking altogether.. I've decided to give my self 2-3 months to see if the symptoms improve, then I will pluck up the courage to see the doctor.. any advice or similar stories would be appreciated


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If I were you I would pluck up that courage now and go and see a doctor who can arrange scans and blood tests and decide what stage you are at just now. You can tell the doctor that you were concerned about your level of drinking and have already taken steps to curb that. Don't wait a few more months stressing about what ifs. Go and get checked now, there are always waiting times to contend with for scans etc. so get the ball rolling and don't leave it too late.

Let us know how you get on, all the best.



Hi, I would go now. I would consider myself to have been a normal drinker, but with stress and painkillers managed to create a bleed that saw me in hospital having a transfusion. The good news was they found I have cirrhosis of the liver and can now take action. If I had found our earlier the prognosis would have been better. I am 52 married with 2 kids. if you want motivation look at them. Tim


I totally agree with the other comments and my question is what do you deem as 4 beers is that 4 pints or?

Regardless, the doctor will ask and please be honest with them. The more honest you are the more informed a decision they will make.

I had alcohol related Hepatitis and I turned completely yellow with Jaundice and was vomiting a lot in January, I am 49 and I have a 10 year old daughter, I have had huge periods of no or minimal alcohol, years, months, obviously I haven't drunk since then as that wouldn't help anything. This episode I had totally fallen apart, I drank about 37 units a day for a few weeks and voila. Yet I was lucky.

My tests in Jan weren't great, all my more recent tests have been good/normal but until I see the consultant again, who is hopefully now pleased, I know I am... then the results are in his hands.

Write down your symptoms if you like in case you forget them. When anxious I don't remember things or what people have said..

The main thing is not to panic if possible, I think good old Susan Jeffers saying springs to mind here "feel the fear and do it anyway".

Keep in touch,

Michelle x


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