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Worried I’ve damaged my liver permiantly please help

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My names tom and I’m 20 years of age, from about the age of 17 alcohol was just a good laugh, me and some freinds partied hard up until I was half way through the age of 18 but we all fell out, Ive had a lot to deal with home wise and I’ve been in and out of binge drinking. Now I’m in a point where I work drink for 3 months to 6 months then maybe spend a a day or two drinking roughly a bottle of vodka. My liver enzymes have been fluctuating and through one binge it even got up to 700, this was a 2 week binge however. There sending me for a liver ultrasound and a more diverse blood screening but I just wondered if anyone thinks maybe I’ve packed it in for good, I gym and exercise I work hard I just occasionally slip now and then. Any thoughts would be a great help

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Avoid google, do dry January and then stick to the recommended guidelines. At 20 it is unlikely you have done permanent damage. If you are suffering from anxiety, see your GP.

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Thanks for your advise snoutie, I have a very aggressive form of anxiety which I think does play quite a role in situations like this but I don’t seem to help myself aha. Think I’m going to just stop compeatly!

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That is a great idea, alcohol will increase your anxiety. Trust me, if you read some of the stories on here and speaking for myself, life is great without drinking. You sleep well, wake up feeling good and remember the great evening you had the night before. Plus the very positive impact on your bank account, set yourself some goals and achieve them. I really wish you every success on your journey forward.


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Yea you young guys gotta really stop with that Dr google crap. It's designed to scare you into buying their "miracle drugs" to ailments you dont have. Do what Snoutie says and stick to the guidelines. Trust me I can vouch for Snoutie and I both when I say WE have partied to the point of liver destruction. You have not in three years done that trust me. May feel like you have but you havent. However use this little scare and our members stories to keep you in check on what alcohol can do if you dont tone down the partying and stay to the guidelines.

All the best young Toments

Hi Tom. I agree with Snoutie. Do dry January for a good start. You seem to have been doing a lot of binge drinking over the last 3 years and enough to warrant tests being done on your liver at only 20 years of age. You say that you've given up but occasionally slip. When you slip do you binge drink? If you do and you find it difficult to stick to healthy guidelines then you are best to give drink up altogether. You are young enough to recover from any damage done to your liver at this point but if you continue it won't be the same story. You only have to read the posts on this site to see the suffering that people are going through and have gone through and then think do I really want this for myself? I hope not! Quit while you're ahead! All the best. Alf

Thank you for your detailed reply. I think the issue is lies with not how often I drink as I’ve cut it right back It’s just when I do have that occasional drink it turns into a bottle of vodka, which then I spiral abit then just don’t drink again for a long period of time. But your right it’s really not worth it and it’s good I don’t feel I need to drink as I previously did have abit of an issue. But your support has been very good and I think nows the best time to just quite entirely. Being a student isn’t the best place but if I can get through that not drinking I guess I can get through the rest of my life not drinking. All the best to you to


Well done for recognising you are bingeing too much. Do dry Jan then never go over 14 units a week. If you find you can’t do that perhaps you’d better give up completely as although you are young and prob haven’t done any damage yet, if you continue you risk doing long term damage.

Good luck!

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Isabelle - I agree with what you say! So this is just concurring with you 😁. I certainly could NEVER contain myself to 14 units, I mean I just couldn’t have - and didn’t! The ONLY solution for me and many others it seems, from what I’ve read, was your second option. Just stop.



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14 units is just over a bottle of full bodied decent red, sticking to the sparkling Elderlyflower hence forth.

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Hehe actually I love the elderlyflower 😁 (you fruitcake - quickly admin watching - JOKE 😁)

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I agree I think the second option is what I’m going with

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Hey Isabelle yeah I think this is the wake up call needed to just not drink at all, as I have been reading through some awful story’s and although I don’t feel I need to drink when I do it just gets way over 14 units. Thank you for your support it’s much appreciated

There is people out there that drink everyday for most of thier life and are fine but as soon as someone who drinks gets a liver issue its a messege that your liver is not up for it. Its the first cut you have to make. Its easier said than done i know. Stick to what the doctors find and advise you. If you google things too much you might end up convincing yourself of the worst and start getting up a thirst again worrying. If you have anything else your really into as a hobby or interest just stick your head in that on spare time.

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Yeah I deffinetly have put my liver under a lot of pressure the past few years, when I was 18 I just went around like I was invinsable drinking like it was a novelty and a joke. I just hope I haven’t realised to late aha. The gym is my go to so I think most of my time will be there and just cut the partying out, thank you for your reply and wish you well

First can I say well done You ave bit the bullet and it shows your a a mature young man. Losing your Binge buddies is a fantastic start to getting on the right track. A lot of heavy drinkers surround themselves with others of the same ilk. It becomes their normality. Dry January is here at the right time for you. A lot of young people have drink and partying at the centre of their social life. You mentioned things at home are not good? This is often the causation of drinking , in people of all ages. Do you have someone you can confide in about this? If not it may be worth asking your GP to refer you to a counsellor. Someone who can offer support and suggest ways around it, through it? Another plus of not drinking is the money you will save. That pair of trainers, those jeans, ticket to a match? Saving for a holiday even. Any flack you get will be a result of envy, that you can still enjoy life without drink. Someone said on another post, if you need a reason to stop people encouraging you tell a white lie, your on antibiotics or have diabetes. I went off drink after a virus. One of my mates I went on holiday with realised I was getting a coffee for 2 Euros, every Pina Colada she had was 8? I just smiled inside. She dropped down to low alcohol wine when we came home. Even that was £7 a bottle. Now she doesn't drink lol. You can still have fun, the difference is you will remember it, Keep us posted on how your doing, I wish you strength to stay off the drink and keeping fit and well as its meant to be for someone your age Hazelx

Thank you for your detailed reply it really has been a godsend coming here for advice, I think it’s hard to admit or see your drinking to much until there’s proof On the paper you know? yeah my home life has always been a struggle amongst a pritty terrible child hood In general, I think it’s far to easy to get that escape and not think about the constituencies on your body. But yeah I agree it saves a whole lot of time and money, and days you can be productive rather than in bed feeling sorry for your self hungover. I have thought about councilling but the gp waiting list is very long and can’t quite afford private as a student. Thank you again for your reply it really does mean the world to me. Stay well

I am sure everyone on here would agree that you are making the effort and because of your age counselling should be seen by your GP as a must to help you. Mention this every time you see your GP, The cuts in mental health services have left a lot of people floundering. It is often so hard to discuss your childhood, but at least you recognise all was not good. None of us can change the past but you can control now and your future love. If alcohol was a contributory factor in your childhood there are organisations for victims of alcohol dependants, Nacoa, National association for children of alcoholics is there for people like you. Hope you continue up and up.

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