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Diagnosed with fatty liver disease several years ago and told not to worry about it so I didn't. Devastated to be told in January that I have cirrhosis. Also type 2 diabetic. Get regular scans but little information so feel very alone. Some web sites scare me so much as they all seem either really doom and gloom or very OTT. Hope I can find sensible advice on here

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Hi Katiesgran,

I'm sorry to hear that it must have been and still be a huge shock. I think the internet, especially google, can really affect Or exacerbate worries. What I would say is when I went for a scan yesterday the nurse doing it said that this site (BLT) is fine and very informative and not to bother looking anywhere else!

From my understanding and reading many others posts all is not lost with a diagnosis of Cirrhosis and there are different stages. Have they referred you to a dietician.

My GP pulled up various results for me because I knew I'd wait months to see the consultant but equally when I have had queries or concerns or just wanted guidance I would contact his secretary and he did write or call back.

I don't think anyone should be left in limbo.. I'm sure someone will be along to give you extra advice soon but meanwhile I wanted to respond so you can see you're not alone.

Take care,

Michelle x

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Thanks Michelle it's good to know others can relate to how I'm feeling.

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Hi Katiesgran,

I think we were all devastated when first diagnosed. I was in complete denial for a while and continued to drink as though the doctors had 'obviously got it wrong'!

With time, and the realisation that this is not necessarily a death sentence, you will get more comfortable with it.

Most important thing I would say, is try to keep positive! A smile and a laugh does wonders. And also try to make a hobby out of eating healthier and getting some exercise. They all help.

Im 18 months diagnosed now and I feel ok with it. Admittedly I dont have serious symptoms to remind me. Just keep it in the back of your mind and dont let it get you down.

Theres a lot of friendly folk on here for company and support that are in the same unfortunate club.

All the best... Matt

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This is the place for good advice it is hard to read about all that could happen but I did just so I would be informed because I knew nothing about cirrhosis I thought cirrhosis happened because of alcohol and that didn't pertain to me. I still read whatever I find just to be informed. This is a good place to see what others may be doing for a certain problem and maybe it will help me too. I have type 2 diabetes and my platelets are low so I see a blood doctor. So far everything is going as well as it can. I will wait and see what tomorrow brings. I don't talk much to people about my fears or what is going on because I personally think it is hard for someone to fully understand unless they know what I am talking about. I just tell basic information and don't go into great detail. I find it helpful here because everyone knows what I am talking about. Good luck and keep us informed because we all care.


Hi katiesgran

Sorry to hear about your news. I got a nafld diagnosis warning in April and cirrhosis in August. I'm still trying to come to terms with it.

I'm trying to eat healthier by eating more vegetables but it is difficult, trying to avoid sauces on them and adjusting portions to account for my immobility is hard.

If we both watch our diet and what we drink and exercise as best we can I think we should still do ok.

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