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Anyone experience this?

Hi all ,

Long story short after getting admitted to a&e department with abdominal pain I was giving a ct scan with showed 2 cysts one on my kidney and one in my liver then they wanted to check them out more so I had an US scan followed shortly by another one this time a doctor accompanied the radiographer. I was send home and rang 4 days later to b told cyst on the kidney is ok we need to investigate the cyst on the liver as it's deep in there so sending me for an mri scan and also told me I have loads of polps on my gallbladder biggest one messuring 6mm. So I go for my mri last week and came back for app with doc for results to be told it's not a typical cyst there not 100% wat it is?? that they have meetings every week and my report will be discussed within this meeting with the radiologys and liver doctors. Now I don't know wat to think?

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how old are you? And if you are youngish, is there a history of kidney disease in your family?

Best of lucks,


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Thanks for replying I'm 34 years old. No no kidney disease in my family. I'm not worried about the cyst on my kidney as they said it's just a simple cyst but the 1 on my liver that wat worries me as they still don't know excatly Wat it is and now has to be discussed in a meeting just waiting to hear back isoon the killer.


I was just asking for if it could be PKD. In you age there might be only a few cysts present. (I have PKD, and apart from 'countless' kidney cyst I have 'multiple' liver cysts. But I was born when Churchill was a traffic policeman).

As for your liver cyst, if they say 'cyst', it should be benign by nature.Well, benign is just a word. Something benign can cause lots of problems, too, if it ruptures, gets infected, gets in the way of some duct or vessel and what not. Size also matters.



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