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Hepatitis Cirrhosis Ascites

Hi, this post is about my father, he is 62 years. He was diagnosed with hepatitis and ultrasound confirmed nodules, cirrhosis and ascites. He never took alcohol all his life. When he was admitted in hospital, he was given human albumin (via IV), diuretics and Ritonavir (antiretroviral I guess).

Recent (15 days after discharge) LFTs and blood works shown that the condition is turning better. His blood tests improved alot. The liver specialist was happy to see the results.

We have a visit in couple of days again (50 days after discharge from hospital).

What would be the next course? Will his liver ever be back to normal or show improvement? What is the life expectancy in such conditions? I'm really worried because I have never seen him sick all my life :(

He is non-smoker and non-alcoholic.

Thanks in advance.

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Helllo Anantk,

I suppose your father is suffering from Hepatitis C as he was given Ritonavir. This medicament seems to have some effect on replication of genotype 1 virus I believe.

You, or your father should discuss at the upcoming appointment the possibility and convenience of receiving treatment with some of the new antiviral drugs effective against Hepatitis C.

There is growing evidence that the liver of Hepatitis C patients can recover some once it has gotten rid of the virus. At least that is what I have read. Not sure if those drugs can be given while the liver is decompensated.

Good luck,



Hello Prophyrogennetos,

Thank you so much for your reply. I am so sorry, it was Tenofovir and not Ritonavir (my half knowledge about medicine made that mistake.), Discharge summary says HBV related cirrhosis of liver, Portal HTN and mild ascites.


Hopefully Dad is now receiving the treatment for Hep B for life, if they can slow down the virus it should reduce its continued impact on his liver and with it under control his cirrhosis may not worsen. It is unlikely to improve significantly but they should now put proper monitoring into place - 6 monthly (minimum) blood tests, 6 monthly ultrasound scans, regular endoscopies to check for varices and monitoring/treatment of his ascites.

At 62 (if symptoms continue to worsen) he should enquire about the possibility of transplant although this will depend on his overall health other than the liver (heart, lungs etc.). As a non-smoker, non-drinker he would stand a reasonable chance if his over all health was decent. Ask the question. Although there isn't a hard and fast rule regarding an age cut off for transplant some centres seem to go on around the 70 mark.

Best wishes, Katie


Thank you Katie,

I will make sure about regular check ups and tests.

Another thing is that endoscopy was not performed till now, only ultrasound and blood tests are done.

I will check with our doctor in the next visit.

And about his overall health, I think he is fine, blood pressure and blood sugar levels were normal all the time.

Thank you once again for your valuable reply.



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