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Hi there,

I posted a while back following being in hospital in January with Alcohol related hepatitis, strong steroids were used in the end and I came home, haven't drunk since, saw consultant once in March with a blood test and then again this week.

My blood test in March, unbeknown to me until a couple of days ago, showed Hepatitis E but he kind of dismissed it! My bilirubin I know was normal on the March test but ALT was still a bit elevated, they are all now within normal ranges according to my GP who I also saw this week.

He was totally stumped about the Hepatitis E and pulled up my March blood test to find it and it said Hepatitis E detected... He said he rarely if ever saw that type so was going to go and read about it!!!

My Fibroscan that I was due to have in July was moved by the hospital to November so in terms of my liver itself, other than blood tests I know nothing and not even the consultant has ever felt around my liver area since being out of hospital.

Obviously I do not drink and wont regardless of blood test results but this Hep E is a new one on me!

Anyone been through similar?



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  • Hi Michelle,

    Here is the link to The British Liver Trust information on Hepatitis E;


    As you can see from the information, that states;

    'If you are pregnant or have a pre-existing liver condition and your doctor confirms you have hepatitis E, you should be referred to see a specialist urgently'

    As you have recently recovered from alcohol related hepatitis then it would be advisable to see your liver specialist to discuss your Hepatitis E diagnosis as soon as possible.

    We hope that is helpful,

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Rebecca,

    Thank you for this. It was my gastro consultant, whom I saw on the 30th who told me and didn't seem concerned...at all.. I am not due to see him again until October...

    My GP just seemed 'puzzled'....

    Very strange given the ways you might contract it being viral.

    Many thanks,


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