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Abscess 26yrs ago

Hi everyone

I'm new here pleased to meet u all 😍

Here's my story if you've got a spare minute would love some of yr advice x

I had a liver abscess 26yrs ago...which I had drained.I was also asked if Id been around any animals by a nurse.. which was all a bit vague then sent on my way. On my next appt I was bumbled in the room told oh sorry we've lost yr notes it was just an abscess bye... 🤔

Spring forward 26yrs I'm sent for a CT as I have a BAV & Aortic Anyeursm. To my suprise the radiographer picked up on my old blooming abscess calling it a capsular calcification and that my liver was enlarged.

I can't believe 26yrs on and my abscess has mummified in me 😲 I'm worried sick 😔

Anyone have any knowledge on calcified abcesses please TIA

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