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Unexplained diagnosis

Hi, had blood tests taken after a really bad flu, the blood test revealed elevated enzymes, (319). Was sent for a ultrasound which scattered shadows were found, then had MRI that showed leasions some with blood vessels some without, was told it was not typical of cancer. Also blood test were redone and enzyme levels had dropped to 216 after 3 weeks. Got outpatient appointment with the gastroenterologist. Surely they will know have a diagnosis??

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Hiya it took months for me to be diagnosed, so the best thing to do is look after yourself the best you can and just try to put to the back of your mind until they have an answer for you. It could be nothing your worrying about, you just deal with what answer they come back to you with and they will find out it just takes time :-)


If you don't mind me asking, what were you diagnosed with. Did you go through the same tests I did. Thanks

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I had cirrhosis of the liver and I had blood's, MRI and ultrasound, it was after MRI and ultrasound I was given my final diagnosis, before that due to blood tests, they was talking hiv, cancer, autoimmune disease I would of been a wreck if I had took in everything so I just waited till they were 100% sure, but I also know a few people who have had dodgy blood tests and it was just through illness they were off and they are fine.


Than you for your reply hope everything goes well for you.


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