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Freaking out 😠

Advise please people so had fibroscan was told i have a little Inflammation on my liver took loads of bloods again had some results off my gp today the ana and sma are up back in Oct they were fine liver doctor said that bloods he took the inflammation has gone down a little some bloods are abnormal they suspect autoimmune hep but will have to do more tests to work out if treatment is needed now I'm confused he said the bloods could mean other things I just dnt get x

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Sounding like auto-immune conditon with the ANA and SMA result. Did they mention doing a liver biopsy sometime soon to see what is going on at a cellular level? Normally diagnosis of AIH is a combination of presence of certain markers, elimination of other causes and then a postive reaction to steroids. Please don't freak out as stress will exacerbate auto-immune conditions. You are under the best Auto-Immune Liver specialists in the UK and they WILL get to the bottom of this and get you started on the correct medicinal regime as soon as practicable.

Trust your medics on this one.

Katie xx


Oh Katie it's just a nightmare the professor called me today and he wants to more tests when I go back on the 24th I think biopsy he said because there is only little inflammation now he wants to get it absolutely right before treatment I'm in limbo it's driving me insane right now x


Waiting is horrible. I've had PSC since 2003 but when this all started for me last year they weren't sure what was causing it as I didn't present as a typical PSC. I had every possible option thrown my way from cancer to AIH. It really felt like they were working their way through the manual of liver diseases and testing for each new one.

Not knowing is the worst. Like you said you just feel in limbo. It won't be forever.

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