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Please I need advice

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Hi I've been having liver function blood tests for over a year now my doctors thought it was meds but been off them for 4 mths now had bloods done the other day and liver enzymes have gone up again mainly alt this time at 489 having repeat ama and sma tomorrow I've already had them and they were neg so dnt understand why I'm having them done again I've also had scan and it was clear I'm seeing liver specialist on the 27 of the month I'm so scared and worried and most of all I'm fed up now

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It's difficult to avoid saying things that might be completely inappropriate, as I don't know what condition the medics think you have, and/ or, what medication you were taking, and what for.

However, if they suspect PBC (primary biliary cholangitis) - I notice they are checking AMAs - or any the other autoimmune conditions that the different sub-types of AMA are linked to, then it may be worth knowing that a small % of people can have PBC, yet not have AMAs present at all.

I don't know if other conditions that are linked to the other sub-types of AMA can also be present, without AMAs being there.

I would think that if these blood tests don't show anything, then they should consider a liver biopsy, as ultrasound scans do not show scarring until it is on a large scale, and for this reason scans are not used to diagnose PBC. Again, I don't know if this is the same for other liver conditions, if that is what they suspect, but a biopsy seems a possible way to go.

Hope this helps, take care.


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