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Pale Stools

Hello everyone

Hopefully someone can share there experience.

I have noticed recently that the colour of my pooh is changing. Over a period it got lighter until it was a very pale off white colour. Then after a few days it started to get darker again. This has now happened 3 times. I see my gastro at the end of the month, but whilst consulting Dr Google, it seems this is a bile problem. I Know I have Galstones but assumed that I would be in pain if these had blocked a bile duct, does this just leave the option of increased liver damage



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Hi Anne, I get this quite often, more often pale then anything else at the moment. I know I'm my case this is one of the symptoms of cirrhosis but am sure it's probably a symptom of many other things too.

It may be worth your while having a look at the British Liver Trust website

I know how tempting Dr Google is but it can also be very misleading and scary. Talk to your gastro and I'm sure they will point you in the right direction.


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Hello.. I'm writing on behalf of my husband. He drinks heavily approx 25 units per day, and he has.often confided in me about his bowel movements and the colours.. some of the time is mainly Orange but other times he has described butter or porridge colour which I'm asummkng is classed as pale.. with regards to the Orange colour u too looked at.dr Google and didn't really find any answers but I though possible bile duct block and the fact he is having trouble digeating high fat foods.

Take care x

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I have Crohns Disease and the colour can change from time to time for me too, but I generally find that it is lead by what I have eaten. If I have an occasional glass of red wine it goes very dark. If I were to have a cheese & mustard pickle sandwich it would be light almost yellow. I am and have been responding well to azathioprine for 7 years now and I can dabble with foods like above but what I eat affects me. Maybe look out for this too? Just a thought.

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Hi Anne,

If you are concerned about your stools then it may be a good idea to discuss this with your GP.

They may be able to order some important tests prior to you seeing your gastroenteroplogist at the end of the month,

Best wishes


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