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I recently went to see my doctor with pain around my right rib,which would radiate around my back and into my shoulder, I felt generally unwell, nausea,extreme tiredness, a few years ago I was sent for a ultrasound for another problem and they told me I had gallstones. up until now I have had no pain,they took bloods to check on my liver function,also being referred for another ultrasound, as anyone on this forum had the same symptoms.unfortunately I have a holiday booked in three weeks, and it's the not knowing if I can still go or not.I would greatly appreciate any advice on this subject.

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  • Morning, i went on holiday in July, 3 years go I was diagnose with Liver Cirrhosis with Portal Vein thrombosis, I knew I was going to be placed in the transplant list at some point at least, I have now. My advice to you is reduce or stop your alcohol intake, always worth giving your liver a break. Eat healthy, avoid high sugar and fatty foods....your feel better but essentially as they told me now I'm on the list, get on with your life as normally as possible. You can't worry about things that haven't happened yet. Lots of luck to you. X

  • Thanks chelle,i think with me it's the not knowing situation,probably once I get my blood results and my ultrasound I will know more.hope I don't have to cancel my break in the sun in three weeks time.best of luck to you. maz 😃 x

  • Get your doctor's approval before you go, as it may depend where you are going. And inform your travel insurer. They may drop you but you can get it elsewhere. Same happened to me last year. Good luck.

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