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Moderate ascites

Hello fam.well it seems our compensated has moved to decompensated cos hes liver still inflammed was 17cm last its even progressed to 19cm spleen too is enlarged. Had a scan and moderate ascites discovered that was what was causing the chest pain. My question is hes been on tenovofir..I thot hes supposed to be getting better.but things are getting worse.hes been giving water pills seeing a specialist tomorrow. God help us

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Ascites is very normal, as is a large spleen..mine is twice the normal size and has given. Me sooo much trouble. I had all these tests and such done, only to find out that what and my partner read about three years ago, was it was the spleen all along.

I got up to 21 liters of fluid drained in less than three hours. Near the end. Prior to transplant I was get drained 15 or 18 liters every ten days.

Now I had terrible edema in my legs..causing the skin to stretch and crack. Bleeding etc and that is no good because I lake injectionblood thinners twice per day.

Needless to say, I'm going back on the list for a liver and a kidney.

I'm not even allowed to take water pills anymore because of my

No, I really am grateful..I would be dead by now had I still been in the US. I was not considered a candidate for transplant..imagine my surprise when they decided to do it here..boy, did the American doctors get it you have to wait sometimes years in my condition, where as last time I only was on the list for three and a half months!

Addenbrookes saved my life..more than once.

The NHS is by far the better place to be!

Speak to your doctor, and please try not to panic.oftentimes we go along for a while and then hit a bad bump pretty quickly. It's the nature of the beast!

Cheering you on!



Thanks for the reply.hope ur keeping up fyn.


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