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His all thought I'd share my story with you.Had e r c p Wednesday .

Out of 4 men who went to theatre for above I was only one who returned less gallstones.Other 3 had to have stent installed so I feel like a lucky man .Still to have gall bladder removed in 6 to 8 weeks but feels great to have stones removed.I can actually enjoy food now still a bit nauseous but much better John

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joni lad yes thats great news. i had to have a stent and not only that i was wide awake and felt every single bit of the ERCP then developed pancreatitis. i wish you all the best for your gallbladder removal. love grace xoxoxo


Hi Jonilad

I had similar to you, had ERCP to remove a stone that was caught in bile duct that caused Jaundise that was in July last year. I was put out and didn't know or feel a thing. Had my gallbladder removed just before last Christmas, kept in over night no problems ,bit sore for awhile took about 4 weeks to get back to my oldself, but I still am very careful and watch what I eat no fatty foods and very little chocolates ect ect, I also have coeliac so I have to be careful what I eat anyway.

Hope you will get your GB op very soon and be pain free as I know how awful that pain can be.

Please let us know how you get on.

Kind regards wishing you well.


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