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Sleeping on the Job

19 days off 1400 miles driven and I am back at work....and I fell asleep at my desk.....opppps. Good job I have an office on my own and it was only for 10 or so minutes!!

On that note - HAPPY NEW YEAR! I see the new year is still bringing the same old challenges and some not so pleasant ones for you all.

I hope that those waiting on transplants get there's soon, those who have received them stay in good health, those of you struggling with daemons overcome them and anyone wanting a chat can find someone to understand.

I have realised over the past few weeks that I am not invincible and that I cry goodness I am like a wet weekend!! I have learnt that saying 'I'm fine' to my friends and family no longer fools anyone, and yes in fact I do get pain in my liver (area) oh and spending almost 3 weeks not chatting/messaging/emailing you guys does me more harm than good. It is good to vent, it is good to talk and food doesn't taste as good without salt!!

I hope your all doing well - you have been missed!

Chelle xx

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Hi good to hear of you , happi new year to you x I've gotta say tiredness is a horrible thing when your very ill , I used to sleep for England , sometimes in the strangest of places !! Just comes on like the fog ,I know it's not easy while waiting for your call to come ,but it will then of you go , my advice is simple keep smiling n be positive I know your a strong person ,keep on keeping on .


I can sympathise with falling sleep at work. I had to leave work a good year or so before transplant as I was caught falling asleep in the toilets, being late into work and generally being unable to to my job because of lack of energy and concentration.

I sort of got used to it and it wasn't until after transplant I realised how tired and unfocused I had been. I found that the consultants never really acknowledged that work would become difficult so I just kept going. The problem is if you have an unsympathetic employer, I did and had to leave before I got fired and got a poor reference.

Good Luck.


You have been missed also !

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