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just wondering

i have cirrhosis and in the last few months i have been having trouble with lots of dried blood in my nose. no real nose bleeds. i know platelets are about 52. anyone else experience this. also been sober for 13 months now but still have no energy. my mind wants to do things but body says no. memory is getting worse even with lactulose. even with all that said I hope we all have a happy holiday season.

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Good morning jjeff,

My cirrhosis was also alcohol related. I'm pleased to see that you have dealt with that by being alcohol free for over a year. I also had the problem of constant 'stuffy' nose which was dried blood, sometimes bright red but mostly dark and dried.

As for the memory and 'foggy' thinking, mine was helped by the lactulose which I despised ! By the way its a bit more palatable if its followed by a nice tasting yoghurt or supplementary drink. Rifaxamine, which reduces the activity of the ammonia producing gut bacteria, was also prescribed and that made a huge difference to my episodes of hepatic encephalopathy ( look it up on the British Liver Trust website ) maybe you could ask your consultant.

I don't know how advanced your cirrhosis might be, mine progressed very quickly from diagnosis to transplant in 14 months, but hopefully you will, in time, get some recovery of function.

Thankfully all of the above symptoms disappeared after receiving my new liver.

In the meantime, you also have a good Christmas.



Not exactly the same but more often than not when I blow my nose it cause it to bleed or I'll get dried blood. Has been going on for some time so not sure if it is connected with my liver disease.

Mention it to your specialist.

Merry Christmas


Had the same problems. Your platelet number is getting low but mine dropped into the 30's before I got onto the transplant list. In my case related to having an enlarged liver, due to portal hypertension. Back in normal range (150+)post transplant .

hope you can still reverse some damage to liver if it hasn't gone too far.



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