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Health anxiety - cancer

I've been suffering from HA for over a year. I'm mainly focused on cancer.

I'm scared I'll get bowel cancer because I've always had digestive issues

I'm scared I'll her breast cancer because I was on the pill for 18 years due to irregularity of periods and I'm scared I'll get other cancers for one reason or another

Generally I eat healthily and am not overweight. I used to exercise but not for past couple years bar walking but need to go to the gym soon.

My main fear at the moment is alcohol. I always associated alcohol with liver disease and only drank weekends to give my liver a break thinking this would be ok.

However I didn't know the risk to 7 cancers. I binge drank for about 18 years - drinking each weekend about 14-21 units sometimes more. I was rarely drunk as mostly with food and water and spread out but its only now I realise the damage and dangers and I'm so scared. I used to think i was fine as i controlled it but now I feel ignorant and scared as the damage will have already been done. I know now I drank because of stress and awful relationships

I've read lots on the internet about the 7 cancer risk and I'm so scared. I honestly thought because my drinking wasn't a problem i was ok

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You identify your main issue: anxiety and that is something you could discuss with your GP in the first instance. They may help you to rule out the things that you think you may have but unless the underlying anxiety is addressed, other illnesses would take their place. Next step, then, is to have the conversation you have started here with your doctor.



If you're really worried go to the doctor's and ask for a blood test that's my advice x


My advice is you seem to worry to much about what could be ,you can't live like that you.need to go to your docs have bloods took and get a concrete answer I suffer with anxiety but I speak to people who understand you need to see someone about it as it seems it's takin over your life ,good luck


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