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Sleeping pills.nitrazapam


My GP says it is OK to carry on with my sleeping tablets. i take half a tablet a night, no more and have taken them on and off but mostly on for over 20 years. the consultant knows I take them but infrequently. I haven't been able to say I take them regulalry as if he stoos them the quality of my life is not at all good. I am on stage 4 of PBC, Chirrosis an auto immune disease which I had for 23 years with no side effects until the last two years when it was diagnosed as stage 4 and Varices were found which subsequently bled. Does anyone here take nitazapam? Thanks

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You really need to be honest with your consultant, I couldn't sleep before I had my transplant but no way would gp or consultant prescribe sleeping tablets, as other person said they are highly addictive and also you don't know extra damage you are causing your liver!

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