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Considering paying to have endoscopy done privately


Hi all,

This is a follow up to a post I made a couple of weeks ago. I went to a hospital appointment on 9th of November where the consultant I saw scheduled an endoscopy for the 16th of December. I am still having pain in the same area and I don't think I can wait until the 16th. The pain isn't severe but it's making me uncomfortable. I can't wait another 4 weeks as the worrying is too much. I have read that it's possible to have an endoscopy done privately from Bupa and I could have it done as early as next week. Has anyone had it done privately? Should I just go back to A&E and try to convince them to do it sooner? I am worried that they will just do the same tests and scans as last time without doing an endoscopy, and I will still be in the same position. I'm not sure what to do. A month is a very long time to wait when there is obviously something wrong.

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hi there do you have a diagnosis yet?

Where is the pain coming from? You said severe abdominal pain in your first post and that CT scans had ruled out any obvious gall bladder or liver issues.

The endoscopy will look at your upper GI tract - oesophagus, stomach and duodenum (top part of intestine). Have they mentioned a colonoscopy at all as that would look at things from lets say (the other end) to check out other potential bowel issues.

Is there anything specific you are eating which seems to trigger your pain - my hubby used to get horrendous gastro intestinal pain after eating acidic foods, pickles, coleslaw, citrus fruit and pasta sauces etc. He was diagnosed with portal hypertensive gastropathy as a side effect of his cirrhosis and it had led to his stomach lining becoming inflamed. He now avoids all the 'trigger foods' and together with taking Omeprazole he has never had further issue with any pain.

People with coeliac disease and similar can also suffer pain following gluten rich foods.

A food diary might help see if certain foods are a trigger.

Have doctors not hinted at what they might be investigating with the endoscopy? If they felt it was urgent (i.e. to look for varices) it would have been done much more urgently.

Sorry I can't help with the paying for healthcare question, hubbies endoscopies have either been emergencies after a massive bleed or scheduled as part of a banding regime.

Do wish you all the best whatever route you take.


I had Private endoscopy, no different to NHS just quicker and in a nicer hospital - OK so the seating was more comfy and the coffee was free and lovely - costs quite a lot, mine was Private health insurance. You can get quotes from the private hospital if you haven't already. I think you'd still need to see a consultant first so take that into account. If I recall I waited a few days to see the consultant, then had the endo the following week. Good luck xxx

Try ringing consults sec and explain you are struggling sometimes they can speed things up and ring endo dept and say you are happy to take a last minute cancellation you might be lucky.

You may have to have a pre op asessment so that will take an appt so you may not get done much quicker.good luck.cazer.

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