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Compensated Cirrhosis

Hello, Dr. has said that I have compensated liver cirrhosis. I have ok Blood Report, prothrombin time (0 M 11.20 Sec), inr (1.0), Alpha Fetoprotein (3.28 mg/mL), Bilubrin (0.96 mg/dL) and albumen(4.64 g/dL).

My liver report is as follows:

Liver measures 123mm in cranio caudal dimensions. The contour is irregular. Its texture appears coarse. No focal lesion is seen. No intra hepatic

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Hello there. You don,t give much information regarding how you came to have a compensated liver ( that will help the right folk advise you ) But, if it was due to alcohol or drugs you need to stop now if you haven't already done so. Your liver is warning you that it is struggling and needs T.L.C from now forward. Whatever the cause you.ll need to change things in your life esp diet, exercise, ect ( but I expect you,ve been told that already ) to prevent it becoming decompensated. There are many knowledgeable people on this site who give great advise through their own experiences. Blood tests alone don.t give an accurate picture without the background info. Best wishes to you. Hope to hear from you again. anne


hi great info ,,,i have liver cirrosis,,due to alcohol liver is decompensated still learning all the jargon etc ,,i stopped the day i found out ,,im 180 days free of alcohol,,,feel great ,,beinglooked after by hepatologist who has sad i need a transplant ,,,nice post talk to me if you want Matt


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