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Still waiting

I have been on the pre transplant course had all the scans etc.

I was hoping to hear this Friday the outcome but mo contact after waiting two weeks, This weekend has been hard as my mind is imagining all sorts.

Still will call again on Monday and I have a consultation in Birmingham on Tuesday which was booked weeks ago and am appointment for the dietetics department wish I knew what it all meant


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Hi David,

The waiting is awful, I know.

Did the assessment team give you any idea if they would recommend your transplant when you saw them? It was over 2 weeks before they got back to me but they all gave me feedback at the assessment.

You could try to ring the coordinators but some are more willing than others to give you info before they've been told to.

Good luck David.



I all depended on the results of the scan which they should have had on Friday.

The waiting is depresssing


Waiting for everything is difficult - waiting for tests, waiting for results, waiting in clinic. Once on the list (assuming thats what you are waiting to find out about) there will be even more waiting - as it goes without saying you are waiting for someone to die and their liver become available, and even then it may not be suitable or you may not be top of the list.

Work on finding a way of dealing with the waiting, something that will give you a reason to get up in the morning, something that will help you look outwards toward others rather than inward to yourself. I found volunteering helped, but of course not everyone is fit enough or mobile enough for activities, hope you can find something to distract you.


All fair comments, I am a police volunteer and looking for more things

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Dave don't worry mate , I was the same your probably already on it mate they will give you the letter on Tuesday I bet yer , GOODLUCK


Hi David, I had my assessment at the QE in Birmingham, the results can take 14-21 days sometimes a little quicker. There is a lot of things to be considered, I hope all goes well for you...

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Thanks I am in the QE on Tuesday for a face to face!


Unfortunately this happened to us,

At the meeting where they discuss results and decide on listing, they can only fit so many in. If an urgent is put up for consideration it will mean whoever was at the bottom will be dropped until the next meeting. At Kings these meetings are held once a week on a Friday.

Mike was dropped the first time and we weren't actually told when decision day was. It was a week or two later and we weren't aware until we received the call to say he had been listed.

Good Luck

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That's helpful information



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