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This is my first post so please excuse me if I'm not doing it correctly.

I had an ultrasound to confirm gallstones on the 1st April, unfortunately after confirming gall stones the ultrasound also picked up lesions on my liver. I was then sent for a ct scan to have a better look at them, they said they are very likely to be haemangenomas but couldn't confirm it without an mri but the consultant said it'll be a routine referral, I'm not expecting anything other than haemangenomas. My mri is tomorrow so naturally I'm concerned.

Now, on the 19th April I had a full ct/pet scan for an issue with my thymus gland (behind your breastbone) now the scan showed that my thymus area was glowing, so I have to have that out (next week actually) whilst we're were at the results appointment I asked the consultant if there were any glowing areas around my liver and he most definitely said no so that's good right? His words were "apart from the thymus area the rest of your scan is fine" again , good right?

I keep telling myself, this mri was ordered before I'd had any of the other scans done so is just a follow up really, but the cruel tricks of the mind are doing their best to convince me its liver cancer and I'm dying.

Can I please have some sensible opinions as I'm driving myself crazy

Julie x

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Hi, haemangiomas are very common in women, due to the oestrogens I think. They look like lesions on scans, an MRI would confirm. I'm not sure about your previous MRI, as they would only be looking in the area requested, so unlikely to be able to comment on the health of your liver, unless they had included that in the scan?? Anyway hopefully you will be reassured by the MRI tomorrow, of course you will have to wait for results, but try to not stress. If you are having an op next week you should try and be as relaxed as possible, look after yourself, and stay well.

Best wishes and good luck



I don't have any answers but I can empathise, I was sent for a scan as my LFT levels were high on my latest blood tests. The radiologist told me I had signs of cirrhosis so for the last few weeks I have been panicking thinking that I was going to die from this awful thing and trying desperately to get some answers while I waited for the specialist appointment. I can tell you that after weeks of torment I saw him yesterday and he confirmed that it is very early cirrhosis but easily controllable. The relief was immense because like you I had been imagining the worst, I'd even gone through what we would do in the worst case scenarios.

I hope you get good news like me, everybody kept telling me to stay positive so I won't insult you by using any platitudes, just that you have my best wishes for a positive outcome x


I can identify with your situation, I also have had raised LFTs now for more than a year, ultrasound didn't pick up anything, MRI showed a vascular anomaly and under perfused area, ? hemangioma, have been waiting for 3 weeks now for the outcome of the MDT discussion as they are uncertain about its clinical significance. Its the long wait and being kept in the dark that is affecting my health now. My gibroscan was 7.4 I don't know if that's early fibrosis, when u brought it up in the conversation with the hematologist he just ignored it. Its very stressful. Its the support that we provide each other on this forum that has been most helpful for me. I am sure you will be fine. Try to relax and focus on something else, I have dug out old DVDs of Friends etc which keeps my mind diverted. Good luck with the op.

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I have had 3 MRIs in the past year, due to 2 small nodules/lesions on my liver. He felt confident they were harmatomas , however he told me he needed to monitor every 6 months to see if they changed shape or grew, because if you have any type of underlying liver disease, chances of tumours are greater. After the 3rd MRI, my hepatologists said he will continue to monitor once a year, since there have been no changes so far. I put it out of my mind & never think about it, until it's time for the MRI. Then I hope &pray for the best, which is nerve wracking, so I can relate to how you feel!




I have two liver hemangiomas. one is 10 cm in size and gives me a lot of pain. I have to have a huge operation soon which means opening up my whole front. if your are small then they will just be monitored and are very common. they are rare to grow but mine have without me knowing I had them in the first place..

just make sure they are monitored and you will be fine.

it is unknown why they grow. hey say oestrogen or the pill or hrt. I have never had these so not always the case.

I wish you luck with your results but positive for you as so rare to cause the problems and major operation I need. 😀😀


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