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PSC & UC patient

Today I was activated on the liver transplant, I have mixed feelings about this which include excitement, meaning I can look forward to getting the start I never had but on the other hand I don't want to miss a day of my apprenticeship because I enjoy it too much. I invite you all to read my bio which contains my story and welcome any questions you may have. 

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Depends on your general health, I suppose. I was fortunate in having very few symptoms pre transplant and made a quick recovery post transplant - back at work (albeit gently and largely desk based) within a month. Best wishes for a quick resolution for you. Mike

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Thank you Mike, hope all is well, if you don't mind me asking, what time of day did you recieve your phone call? Also, how long were you in theatre for and how did you feel after waking up from your transplant.


I had two calls (first was false alarm) at about 10.30 pm. On the second time I went into theatre at about 1.30pm the following day and was on ICU by 6.30 that same evening. I don't recall much about the ICU experience (effect of anaesthetic etc) but they make you start work straight away - clearing throat etc. You have a lot of tubes and wires and these last a few days. I can't pretend there is not some pain and discomfort but staff work hard to manage this as far as is possible. For a more detailed account of my experience, see



You are right to feel excited, very often this is the start of what for many is recovery. There will ups and downs and it's quite a journey.

If you're on the transplant list the chances are you could be waiting months even years before transplant. My advice is to continue what you're doing and don't let the wait interfere with your apprenticeship. However it's good you have understanding employers/sponsors because liver disease can affect your concentration and energy levels, so don't beat yourself up if you start falling behind.

Post transplant there will be a recovery period and I'd encourage you to not rush back into things. You're young you've got loads of time to readdress anything you miss.

What are your symptoms right now? Don't be afraid to come back and ask, there's a lot of knowledge here. 

Good luck, I wish you all the best!


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