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they don't care my partner died October 2015 they didn't show any respect I cannot even pass that place derriford Plymouth he was fine on the day of his release ,,,,,, note he had to go back in again less than 21hours took them 5 weeks to find out he was diabetic stage 2 I am also a diabetic I mentioned to the nurse he was drinking a litre of anything he could ,,,,,,,THEY ACCEPTED HIS SO CALLED CONSULTANT THEY SHOULD HAVE PICKED UP THE DIABETTES WELL 2 LATE FOR THAT HE WAS 47

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  • sorry the person above in derriford went into a diabetic coma SUGARS 50 PLUS IT TAKES 30 SECONDS TO TEST

  • Omg this is shocking... In this day and age to miss that.. I hope u r ok, I'm sure this must have been an awful shock for u and extremely traumatic... Big hugs... There really are no words.. I hope these idiots don't get away with this.. 

  • Sorry to hear this.  I think doctors and nurses can sometimes become hardened to illness and death. 

    I gather your partner was suffering from Cirrhosis by drinking a litre of vodka or something a day?  Its true that if you have caused your illness yourself then doctors and nurses may not be as kind as someone who didnt self inflict it.  Dont forget these people have seen so much death, in children with Liver disease, people who had a blood transfusion and caught Hep-c.  Also alcohol can affect the Pancreas, it may not have been straight forward to detect that your partner was diabetic, his bloods would have way out of whack with the Liver disease!

    I dont mean to sound harsh, but some die slowly, painfully and sometimes throw up pints of blood when they die of Liver disease, they can even get cancer at the same time.  Its a terrible way to go.  It may have been for the best he went the way he did, im hoping that he didn't suffer too much.

  • I am so sorry for your loss. Its just so sad. Alcoholism is an illness and to anyone out there who's suffered from it knows how horrific and all consuming it can be.

    I agree that sometimes alcoholics can be judged in any place when they have liver disease. It should make no difference and it frustrates me.

    I hope youre doing ok and remember just take it a day or even an hour at a time.


  • well said Poppy; they should not be judged or treated like crap; its a disease; and anyone who treats someone in such a way is a disgrace to their profession in my view.

  • Thank you. I want to celebrate the people that remain sober rather than judge them. My hubby has had the most stressful time and he has been sober since June 2015!!! i couldnt be prouder of him!

  • So very sorry for your loss x

  • Contact the police

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