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Riaximin for cirrhosis

Does anyone think its worth trying this Riaximin instead of lactulose? Do they have the the same effectiveness for cirrhosis of the liver as any laxative? I still dont know how a laxa

tive helps clear your brain of ammonia (HE) in the first place myself. Ammonia is a type of cleaning fluid isnt it? as its not the sort of thing youd expect to find in your head, lol

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Lactulose is useful in treating hyperammonemia (high blood ammonia), which can lead to hepatic encephalopathy. Lactulose helps trap the ammonia (NH3) in the colon and bind to it. It does this by using gut flora to acidify the colon, transforming the freely diffusible ammonia into ammonium (NH4+) which can no longer diffuse back into the blood and its then removed from body in faeces. The more often you go then the less of the toxin gets into the blood stream and thus into the brain.

Rifaximin is used in combination with lactulose to also help reduce the effects of Hepatic encephalopathy.

My hubby is on both and although still confused and still sufferering the effects he did before going on the treatment he hasn't gotten any worse - Doctor was making sure he is still going to the toilet regularly because she says he will be prone to the 'brain fog' / HE symptoms if he doesn't go enough.

Katie x


Hi H1ghtower, Well if anyone knows its AyrshireK, I learned something from her explanation. As a past HE sufferer myself (now post TX, and much improved) I found Rifaximin helpful, lactulose important, and my dear wife's understanding and support invaluable. I made no secret of my HE, almost it became part of my being, I informed any and everyone of my condition partly as a explanation and warning of what I might say or do next, partly because I had close to zero inhibition, and partly as I was keen to inform others of the issues associated with Liver failure (as I had).

Apart from frustration at being so damned clumsey, forgetful, brain fogged and useless, the way I dealt with it was along the lines, cant do out about it, might as well enjoy the journey! and in all honesty, I did! even some of the outrageous jipes I got caught up in, I also benefitted from Citalopram, (SSRI anti depressant,) I did not consider myself depressed, but this I believe helped me maintain a relaxed attitude to HE issues rather than get frustrated and annoyed and angry........

Good luck, keep taking the tablets! Good Health.


My husband has been on Rifaximin since Nov and is much better. We had a nightmare of a time from June - Nov last year with the HE. He's not taking much lactulose, just the Rifaximin. Try it.

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