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New here

Hi there ....I have been reading everyone's posts on here ...

I have had fatty liver for 5 years now ...enzymes were up some and my platelets are low ..( don't know the numbers) .....I had a fibro scan done and now I have cirrohois .. I am tired a lot...bruising as well reading was 20 that something to worry about ? By the way I am do not drink or smoke ......

Thank you :-)

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A Fibroscan of 20 confirms your existing diagnosis of cirrhosis. Have the doctors been able to pinpoint the cause of your fatty liver? If you know the cause you can remove it and then the condition should improve. Here is a link to the British Liver Trust information on fatty liver. You will see that although alcohol and smoking do damage the liver there are a number of different causes for fatty liver - have a read and see if any of them apply to you.


Being over wight at the time was not good but since then have lost 45 lbs .....when I had my scan done early summer it was a 7 now am worried that it has gone up ......I am also a type 2 diabetic and am on meds for that and I take high blood pressure ...blood thinners and cholesterol meds....

I am 58 yrs old ..have had two TIA about 7 yrs ago as well ....I walk regular too ....



Well you have lots of things going on there which might account for slightly abnormal blood results. Best to have a good chat with your doctor about your diabetes and how well controlled it is and the meds. Even when on diabetes medication you can help yourself more by not eating sugary food or a high carb diet. Discuss nutrition with your diabetic clinic nurse, don't just rely on medication keeping it under control. Also correct diet and nutrition is great way of reducing cholesterol. Good nutrition and exercise is bound to benefit your overall health and lower BP and cholesterol may reduce the risk of further TIA. Good luck, your health is in your hands!


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