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What is it....? GGT and ALT under 20 (taken after a weeks holiday with a few wines) U/S bright echo fatty liver . Never had abnormal bloods. Right upper bruised intermitent like pain/throbs 1-2 days after alcohol.

Regulary go 3-4 months no alcohol. Just seen liver specialist who examined me looked at scan/mri report .bloods and said in report back to gp no evidence of ongoing chronic liver diease. So if liver doesnt feel pain what can that causes discomfort couple of days after 2 max glasses of wine. The bloods were taken when i was feeling the discomfort. Any ideas anyone thank you

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Gallbladder? Irritable bowel syndrome. Gastric irritation. Allergy to alcohol. If the discomfort only comes after alcohol, its a no brainer .... dont drink alcohol.


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