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Good morning my fellow HCV sufferers.Well I am luckier than most as my body seems to be fighting back against this awful disease.I am still NOT receiving any treatment for my Hep they have told me they cant treat me due to my depression.I stopped drinking alcohol a few years ago now and I think thats why Im doing so well,although I have lost quite a bit of weight,I am starting to gain a little due to these Fortisip drinks,however,as the hospital gave me the prescription for these drinks my local doctors office keeps stopping them,but they cant tell me why or which doctor keeps stopping them,I wouldn't mind but the 200 ml bottles are £3.89 down here in London so taking them three bottles a day one after each solid meal can cost me close to £80 pounds a week,thats a bit much.As I got really good advise about what benefits Im in titled to however they wont pay me anything,DLA,no PIP no,JSA no,so I am slowly depleating my savings just to live.I know their are many people worse off than me,and thats what keeps me going,Hope you all have a lovely week,take care,and thanx for all your support,If there is anything I can do to help anyone on this site please dont hessitate to ask me. Simon.

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Hi there, sounds like you are in a great place right now. Are you feeling better because you stopped drinking, if so very good. Imagine how you will feel once you get the new treatments. By the way my old user name was Scotty 40.All the best for the future.

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Hi Simon so great to here doing better. Have you tried applying for ESA, this what I had to apply for after a transplant & also got help with rent & council tax, not a lot but might be worth asking, also speak to CAB they are great on upto date info & advice on what you can claim.

Regarding your fortified drinks, am luck have been on a powder one as can't have others as have cows milk, I spoke to the clinic dietician who contact my GP to say wanted me on them due to on going weight loss due to nausea problems with meds (have lost 4 stone in 8 mths) it might be worth checking if you could speak to them or mention to hospital & ask them to send letter asking him to prescribe. I had this problem with my GP if not in black n white from hospital it doesn't get done! Good luck hope you continue to improve


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