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Can't shake this feeling

I know I sound crazy but any input would help. I've posted here before. Here's my story 33 year old woman drinking heavily 3 years over the last 2 months have had right quadrant pain fatigue nausea dry mouth aching muscles pale nails and prominent blur veins. Went to the hospital ultrasound liver gallbladder normal. Lft ast 12 alt 11 alp below normal bilirubin 1.8 In October pale stools 2 days vomited once lft normal. Ultrasound in February normal liver gallbladder pancreas spleen lft normal. Redid my bilirubin 1 month ago 1.3 direct .02 normal cbc and negative for hepatitis I'm still scared to death I have cirrhosis would something show in any of these tests or are they missing it?

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There are two issues here: I assume you have had some reassurance about these scores from GP or gastroenterologist? If not, it would be worth another visit and take someone with you: you may not be hearing what they are saying to you about your results.

The second issue relates to your drinking. Liver damage is often fairly invisible as far as symptoms are concerned which is why alcohol is so dangerous. Perhaps now is the time to work towards reducing or stopping using alcohol. There are some support mechanisms out there.


You could request to have a liver biopsy and then you would know for certain.



I doubt you have cirrhosis as your liver results are coming back normal. Like others have already answered you in previous posts " Its more likely you have some slight fat in the liver and likely a digestive system getting pissed off"

You can feel crap from drinking too much over a long period without having cirrhosis, so stop focussing on having more and more tests to see if you have cirrhosis and focus on changing your outlook on life to one without drink and with a healthy nutrition plan - thats where you read up on how to shop and cook meals from scratch that use minimal sugar, salt, preservatives etc. There is a good leaflet to get you started on the British Liver Trust website It says its a diet for people with liver disease, but my guess is you dont yet have liver 'disease' just a liver and body under stress from poor lifestyle choices. The leaflet can still point you in the right direction diet wise.

Good luck


Those numbers don't look like Cirrhosis.

That doesn't mean you haven't started the process though. The assault on the liver from the alcohol means fat deposits in the liver and inflammation. The inflammation turns to scar tissue which is called fibrosis. Eventually as you cause more and more fibrosis to the point that almost the entire liver comprises fibrotic material you have cirrhosis. (You can also achieve the same result by eating badly and getting fatty liver)

You DO NOT want cirrhosis. Trust me. People bandy the word around but often don't understand how serious it is.

The good news is that the liver has a remarkable ability to regenerate itself if you can stop doing whatever it is that may be damaging it and the fibrosis hasn't gone too far.

Right now you have normal liver function tests but it doesn't mean there's no fibrosis. I'd take this as a warning and cut the drinking out and make sure you improve your diet (as per Bolly's advice) and get some exercise. It's pretty much the best thing you can do anyway - so even if they opened you up and took a look and found fibrosis that would be the advice. There isn't a medical intervention I can think of that will help you more than that in a situation where liver damage is being caused by alcohol or diet. If it gets worse the doctors can only deal with the consequences.

If you feel you need help regarding the alcohol do try and get it. It can be very difficult and there's no shame in asking - only in not asking.

Best of luck.


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