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Update on mum

Good morning everyone. Well mum had her stay at Adambrooks for her assessment. They haven't put her on the transplant list Yet. They still need to do more test on her heart, just to make sure it is strong enough and that all her arturies are clear. This is because some years ago her doctor said she had what seemed to be a mini stroke, which is why she was put on aspirin. She also has a heart murmur. So we are still playing the waiting game for now. The up side to all this is she got to spend time with people who are in the same situation as her. and talking with them has made her realise that how she feels is pretty much the same as others. Just got to keep her spirits up until we know what they will do.

Hugs to you all

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Glad your mum been to Addenbrookes..great hepatology team there......good Luck......


Hello Takincareofmum,

My husband often needs to go in and stay in hospital and he too finds comfort in talking to others on the ward...

I am sure your support is also giving her lots of strength...

Take care and lots of love,



My thoughts and prayers are with you

it such a stressful time for you and your mum.hope all goes well x


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