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Hello All,27th appointment came and went, my consultant informed me my body and liver although infected with HepC, is fighting back strongly,treatment wise, non can be offered at present as my depression will react, a new treatment should be forth coming this year, a, lass I shall not hold my breath as it should have been ready last year, according to N.I.C.E. statistics.I am to see a dietitian may 12th, see if I can get better advise for aprotein rich diet, try and gain a bit more weight, at the very least it will help me feel better about myself !

Thankyou all for your words of advise, you have been so very reassuring to me at a time when I have never felt lower, dispite my loving wifes care and attention, and the joy my children now give me.My blood family basically gave me over to child services at the age of 12, so until my wife came along 15 years ago, Ive been alone.Im ex military, and spent quite some time incarcerated in Newyork department of corrections,(16)years, I turned my life around, and would hate for my sons to repeat history, I shall work until my death to support, nuture, love, raise, and direct, my children in life, and thanks to positive websites like this, we might just stand a chance in this country of ours to be better people.Respect people !!!

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Hello Simon,

You have definitely adopted the right outlook... You are right to be looking after your family and trying to better yours and their lives... We are all interconnected - and this is how families survive.

Best wishes



Sounds like you're so positive. Never give up until the battle is truly lost. You're winning, and you're children have a fabulous father with the best attitude. I wish you all the best and I'm pretty sure things will work out great for you. So great to hear you've turned your life around.


Yes pal, I like the sound of your positivity. Keep on keeping on and no surrender. Hope you get your treatment going soon.


Stay positive about how well you are dealing with this. Good luck with the dietician


Thanx guys, your messages keep me going.


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