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ischemic cholangiopathy


The name in itself sounds horrendous so the outcome would definitely not be any lesser...

As some of you already know, my husband has been in hospital for over a week now and is very poorly. He was admitted with pancreatitis and has since recovered from this only to find he has CMV virus back... Whilst waiting to be listed again, there seems to be never ending problems appearing.

The med team have been absolutely amazing and have injected so much positivity in him that he truly has regained his power to fight (with what little he has).


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Hi, It's good to hear the fight is back. Yesterday I had a call from the transplant coordinator reference another assessment. Certainly looks like a 2nd transplant for me. Please pass my good luck to your husband and as his carer you are doing a wonderful job...xx


Dear Brummi,

Yes, he definitely wants to fight this now... I do hope and pray that your 2nd time is better as well...

Not to sure about me at the moment :/ Ive been so disorientated which is definitely part of this process I guess... I want to say I'm mentally prepared but its almost as daunting as the first one - what ifs are roaming around my head...



Glad to hear he is hanging in there Pear. Sorry that the liver you both hoped would turn his life around has turned out to be not a very healthy one.


Thank you Bolly,

I do hope so - the Liver team are truly amazing...

He is still in hospital - and has now developed a slightly high temperature :/

I will be in early to see him tomorrow to see if I can get to chat with his doctors.



He sounds like a real fighter. I hope he gets well soon!

Best wishes Jacqui


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