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Hi everyone just wondering if any one could help me with this question , in 2013 I had massive GI bleed losing 5 pints blood I do not rember this at all, had severe encephalopathy doctors told my family they did not think I would survive this and were not certain if any brain damage would occur if I woke up, thank goodness I survived and am eternally grateful, the thing is I was extremely bubbly person before this happened, even though I had liver disease I got on with it, now since the bleed my life has changed beyond recognition, I cannot read anymore, cannot concentrate on TV am extremely depressed, will have to see gp about that, hate the thought of seeing people even family members, I have spoken to doctors about this but no positive feedback, just thought someone might know if this is part and parcel of the bleed, as before then totally different person, thanks Annette

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  • Hi, Any major illness comes as a bit of a shock to the body and the body it's self takes a long time to recover. I am sure you will be soon back to being bubbly and be the life and sole of parties again.....take care..

  • I have had a liver transplant 2 years ago. Before his I had got to the point where I did not communicate with anyone,I could sleep for 16 hours a day and did not do anything. Now I am a member of society again ,I have take 2 on-line courses of education from universeties and passed both with high scores. I am telling you this,not because I am suggesting you need a live transplant,but to give you some encouragement that ,no matter how you feel,there is a future if you pursue your illness. I wish you the very bes of good fortune and hope you go see your gp.

  • I think you identify your first course of action which is to see your GP as a matter of urgency, if only to manage your depression. From then on it may involve being seen by hepatologist to see if there is anything needs doing re your liver. Mike

  • I have had two major GI bleeds in the last four years the last one just 18 months ago. I had 14 units of packed cells, five units of albumin and three of platelets. I too don't remember much of the event or my time in ICU.

    But I had the same symptoms as you, could not concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time, had no interest in reading a newspaper (I am an ex-journalist) could not stand TV but listened to the radio. Went off coffee big time.

    Now all the things I used to do and like have returned, I think it is a matter of time before you will recover.

    But I would see your doctor about your depressed state.

  • Thanks very much for your most welcome advice, I certainly do t feel so alone on this now, yes I to go today in fact about the depression, he is going to send me for

    counseling I will hope for the best, I hope you are doing OK. Annette

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