I'm 28 year old f, been really unwell past 12 weeks cant eat without having terrible cramps and severe diarrhea, ive lost 2 stone in weight and feel really tired and struggle t lift shopping, washing etc. Had full blood count done, liver and kidney function bloods done and also an afpg test done they've all been normal. Went for ultrasound of abdomen last week and my liver is enlarged and there is also a growth on it so having mri scan next week, just wondering if anuone knows what this can be as bloods are normal but i feel awful thanks.

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  • Insist on a colonoscopy as well. Get your bowel checked. Just to cover all your bases. I found you have to be really proactive to get the system to move faster. Good luck

  • Thanks for replying, yes i am booked in for one at end of January as this was how my problems all started.

  • Unfortunately, contrary to a lot of beliefs, you can have a liver problem even though your liver function tests appear normal.

    Good Luck with your MRI

  • Thanks for the advice x

  • Hi Jen281987,

    Unfortunately Carmik is right, liver function tests (LFT’s) only give an indication of how well your liver is functioning (coping), even if you have a problem with your liver these can be normal. If the AFP test have come back ok, it is unlikely that the growth is cancerous but it could still be a cyst or benign tumour – the results of your MRI scan will help your specialist to diagnose this. Having a growth on your liver does not usually make your liver enlarged, have you been tested for any other liver conditions like viral hepatitis or auto immune hepatitis (AIH)? Lifestyle factors such as eating a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly can also affect your liver health. Do you find certain foods make you feel more unwell than others?

    Kind regards


  • Not sure think its only been full blood count, liver and kidney function and afp test, i will have ro ask at next appointment thanks for the advice.

  • BLTSandy your view that LFTs only measure how the liver is functioning is slightly incorrect, they also measure cell destruction, high ALT would indicate cell destruction (inflammation)at the time the blood was drawn. Another useful but separate marker is GGT

  • I'm sorry I can't be a big help,but those symptoms don't sound as tho the liver is the primary cause of your symptoms,I wish you well.

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