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Embolisation treatment

We went to see the liver cancer specialist yesterday... Following lots of tests and a meeting this morning to decide if his liver can take the embolisation - the team decided to book him in for the treatment to embolise the tumour...

This has been a huge anxiety period for us as we just did not know what may happen...luckily there is only one tumour and even more luckier is that CT to have picked it up so quick...


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You are right to think that you are lucky that the CT scan picked up the tumour as the earlier this is done the better. My experience of embolisation was ok: on both occasions pre transplant it involved a 2 day stay in hospital with very limited discomfort. On the second occasion, the doc could not access the tumour (although it was still there) as it had shrunk. It is, however, not a cure as I am sure you have been told. Best of luck! Mike


Best of luck Pear and make sure he gets pain relief after as for some it can be a bit uncomfortable for a while.



Mike, what did they do eventually to the 2nd tumour? Did your transplant come before they treated it?


No second tumour - just the original one. The transplant came shortly after so I had no further embolisation.


Thank you Bolly, hes not wanting to take any extra pain relief so thank you for that... I will try and persuade him following it..


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