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Clear Of Virus

Hi everyone.

I was diagnosed with HepC about 16 month ago. Started treatment of 24 weeks duration (Ribovirin and Pegylated Interferon) 12 months ago and have just had the results of my bloods/virus count and been informed that there was no detectable virus present.

Its been a bit of a rollercoaster ride but now I'm out the otherside and life looks a lot more positive than it did a year ago.

Just want to say that being diagnosed with HCV isn't a death sentence. With new drugs on the horizon, there is now more hope of higher success rates.

Want to thank the specialist Heptatology nurses (especially Diane) at Southampton Gerneral Hospital for their continued support and motivation during the last year.


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Good to here you were successful I did that course 5 year ago was not successful just finished the triple treatment on monday and all clear just got my follow up in 3 months


That’s great news goredsox, I know Diane and I am sure that she would be very touched by your thanks.

lippy_lou I hope you get a good result at your follow up, please do post on here and let us know and don’t hesitate to contact the Trust if we can help or support you in anyway.

Kind regards

Sandy Forsyth

Patient Support and Information Manger


Congratulations! This is wonderful news :)

My husband cleared then virus returned... He has just completed a new treatment which - so far - cleared the virus...


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