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Missed Herclon infusion


My mother has missed 2 cycle of herclon infusion. Each infusion was supposed to be given every 21 days. Is there any problem if the treatment is continued?

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I don't think it should be big big problem. But you should please speak to your Doctor and get back to your treatment regimen soon.

kanhaiya2 in reply to Joedev

Thanks Joedev for the reply. My mother has completed her 11 tratuzumab out of planned 17. Is it fine even if we can skip rest 6 as doctor is of the opinion that she had completed all other treament including 11 hermonal and skipping 6 will add some percentage of risk. Beside Corona situation is scaring me to take her out.

Any thought is going to help me greatly.

Joedev in reply to kanhaiya2

I would think your treating Doctor is the best person to guide you on this answer

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