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Fibroadenoma or something else


I have lumps in both breasts for 25-26 years. Got new after pregnancy. I found a new one for 2-3 months that is growing slightly. My little one is 6 years old. I wonder if it is something else. Though it feels like old ones when I touch it. I had an ultrasound 4 months ago which showed likely fibroadenoma for my lumps. Though they kept me in BIRADS-III.

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From what you describe, they could very well be just fibroadenomas, don’t worry. But to conclusively guide anyone on same, a clinical examination is important (see the explanation below on the given link), and hence it’s always safer if you could show once you your doc to doubly confirm all is well.

This page tells about what is a lump:

And this one tells about non cancerous lumps like fibroadenomas and others:

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