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I'm an experienced English language and soft skills trainer. I underwent lumpectomy on my left breast and I'm under going treatment. I look forward to get back to active life and wish to connect with positive people to achieve my "I can" dreams.

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Hello . Welcome to this site where I’m sure you will find posts that resonate with you .

Are you having chemo st present ? If so how is it going

Best wishes



Dear I Can

Of course you can. That is the 'mantra' I repeatedly used on myself when I had to recover from an aggressive cancer seven years ago.

Positive thinking reinforces positive behaviours which will lead to positive outcomes.

Survivorship is a very well studied area with a lot of information. I will not go into details. Briefly the most important things which will lead to better survivorship experience are

1. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 2. Regular follow-up and monitoring

3. Practicing self-care- this includes acceptance of the cancer diagnosis, practicing mindfulness, living in the present, practicing a gratitude attitude and indulging in activities which bring happiness.

4. Involving yourself in helping others who have been through the same situation.

I am also a cancer researcher and my Pseudonym 'SaiCAN' includes 'I can ' to spread this same message.

Hope this helps


Thanks for your positive tips. God will work through me to heal faster.


What wonderful advice. I was diagnosed with leukemia in 2003, and breast cancer in 2007, my last day of work before retirement. I won't lie and say that every day along my path was a great one, but I am doing very well - in remission from booth cancers. I find it helps me to "pay it forward" in gratitude for those who helped me along the way. I ended up in this group quite by mistake - I was logging in to my leukemia group - but the question that came up was one that I could answer. I have been very rewarded, because of contacts here, and a chance to learn about Indian culture (I'm in California, USA).


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