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Breast Cancer India
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Info on Breast Cancer


I am a theatre artist based in Delhi (India) I am planning to present a theatre show on this international women's day. My aim is to spread awareness about Breast Cancer to the unreachable corner of the nation.

I have a team of commitment who will be working on this blissful project with me. We are on a research and would need all available and correct information about the disease.

Your help would be needed!

Thank you!

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Thats indeed very good and commendable! I would suggest you to get in touch with an Oncologist there in Delhi. It will be helpful to have a two way discussion on how to go forward and what all things to focus on. Of course, if you have some queries, feel free to post it here on this same thread and we will try to help out.


Thank you!


What a great project! One source of information is breastcancer.org Under Menu skip “home” and go to the next link. Once you have scanned through the material, it would probably be helpful to have a doctor who can discuss the options specific to India, as the site is US based.


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