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what's 'NEXT'

My mom 50yrs undergoing adjuvant therapy for ( Invasive DC ,size 4.5cm,stage 2A,grade 3, 0/20 nodes,no LVI, ER/PR neg HER2+ ),completed 4 AC ,3cycles of pacli+trastuzumab and 9 cycles of TH and 13 cycles of trastuzumab ahead.i just want to know WHAT'S NEXT any extended adjuvant therapy are available for node negative harmone positive patients do HER2+ patients have any pills to eliminate the reccurence.

does ''NERATINIB,TYKERB''helps.

some patients relapse even after trastuzumab.patients with TRIPLE + tumor relapse more often or Harmone neg HER2+ patients

Is there any test for the reccurence prediction for er- and her2+ patients.

sir DR.ROHIT and DR.SUMEET this is the only question every HER2+ patient goes through.......

how much reccurence score you would give for my moms criteria.

thank you sir waiting for the reply.


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I can understand it must have been difficult to see your mother go through all this. It’s good to see she’s now finished treatment and is fine, she is a fighter!

Recurrence is never in our hands to predict. And all tools available cannot do it accurately. What the future holds, no one knows. But the best treatment to do in the present is definitely in our hands and that’s what we do. And that’s what your mother has already undergone. She is an early stage cancer survivor. The chance of recurrence are very very low. And she also has received best possible treatment. And you, as a loving son, have done, what best could be done.

So I would suggest, please stop worrying about recurrence and all. Nothing is going to happen to her, don’t worry. She is going to be fit and fine and she will tell all grandmother stories to your children. Life is beautiful. Every moment. Try to enjoy those moments with her, than spending those moments over things which are beyond our control.


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