tumor shows large areas of necrosis& focal lymphocytic response


DR.sumeet and rohit sir.

could u please help me.

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  • Congratulations !

    There has been very extensive damage and casualty caused to the enemy by the constant bombing by Paclitaxel and Herceptin over last few months.

    Huge vast areas of dead terrorists and damaged enemy troops lie all over the once flourishing cancer zone. This has now been converted to a grave yard, thanks to Modern Medicine.

    The lymphocytic response is the Red cross army trying to clear the debris and dead enemy troops, giving them a burial at the Red cross headquarters in the nearby lymph node stations.

    The body's immune system is trying it best to restore law and order in this chaotic zone .

    Hope u get my hidden explanation in this small story.

    All the best ...

  • i think this is the best reply ever.thank you sir.

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