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Help needed

An Indian woman is fighting for his life after struggling with cancer. To help her pay for medical expenses, a group of concerned friends is launching a crowdfunding campaign via Ketto platform.

I'm attempting to raise INR 6,00000.00, all of which will go toward life-saving cancer treatments for Reshmi. Donations of all sizes are welcome.

“Reshmi is my aunty, and there is nothing more painful than watching her and wondering if he'll be there the next day,” said NAME, organizer of the “Support Reshmi” campaign. “We aren't asking you to raise millions, begin your own fundraiser, or chop off all of your hair. All we want is for her to have another chance at life. After all, doesn't everyone deserve one?”

Donations to the Support Reshmi campaign can be made at

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You will surely get help. What you have written tends to be a forwarded message with no information as such. It is preferable that you write here what cancer she suffers from, and what stage is she in? And most importantly, is it curable or is she in a terminal stage. Because, we have such a huge population in need of medicines that all donations will not even cover 10% of the needy. And so it means that, if a patient is in a terminal stage, and not likely to respond to any treatment, then most people will prefer to give that donation to someone who is in an earlier stage and cured.

So please write a bit about what she suffers from and what stage is she in. I am sure once people read that, they may help her.


Sumeet click on the link provided towards end of Sonals blog.

This lady is operated case of Carcinoma Gall bladder with ?? liver Mets and is undergoing Palliative Chemo (Cisplatin --- Cost 250-300) and Gemcitabine ( 1500-2000) at Tata Memorial Hospital. Per cycle cost is around 6-7 k in private setup.

In TMH with NC category treatment is virtually free, with C category there is basic minimum charges...that's probably the category under which she is b in treated.

The Social workers at TMH will be the best ppl to help them.

This condition is not curable and the anticipated life expectancy is 9-11 months.

The title Stop cancer is quite misleading and misinformative in this particular scenario.

I m unsure of the 6 lakhs needed requested by the campaign initiator as there is no requisition letter demanding 6 lakhs for this treatment from TMH...

AND this condition to the best of my knowledge and expertise does not necessitate 6 lakhs worth of treatment...even in the best of private hospital.

But so far 1 donor has raised Rs 300 with 25 days left.

I m sorry to say Sonal this is not the right blog to have posted this request.

This is essentially a Breast Cancer Support group to help and support their journey during treatment.

I can only extend my good wishes and humble support.

All the best !


Yes, thanks. I saw and fully agree with you, Rohit, every point that you have written. Survival in this situation is not likely beyond a few months, at most, unfortunately. It pains us to see this, and we would definitely wish the patient to be out from this, but when nature has decided something, no one can go against it.


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