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Please help,my mother diagnosed with breast cancer and she is taking medicines for heavyflow periods which is necesary


I'm new here..

Hope you are all doing well,

My mother is 45 yrs old.She has been taking medicines for heavyflow periods since 1 year with doctor instructions only,her health was fine with medicine till 2 weeks ago.all of sudden after few tests we got to know that she is diagnosed with breast cancer in stage 2.Now,doctor saying need of 3 chemotherapy before operation.And my doubts are,

1. As,she is taking treatment and medicine since 1 yr for period problem, so is it okay to go ahead with 3 chemotherapy along with periods heavy flow treatment and medicines ?

2. And,are 3 chemotherapy treatments are necessary rather than 1 chemotherapy along with operation as she is in 2 nd stage?

3. is chemotherapy treatment safe if it is more than 1 for her health?

3. As she is diagnosed with cancer since 2 weeks and as we are unable to afford financially , is it okay to start chemotherapy after a week?

3. And,how would be her health condition after a chemotherapy?

kindly, clear above doubts.I am worrying a lot of my mother's health issue, please help us.

Thanks for your valuable time and patience.

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Dear Archveda:

Please be strong & positive. Please go through all the posts on chemotherapy on this website. There is a seperate section chemotherapy. You will get all the details on chemo.The effects of chemo varies from patient to patient. There is nothing to worry. Most of your doubts about chemo will get cleared. For all other questions, you will have to wait for the reply of the experts on this panel.

Things will b fine. Please feel free to express your feelings on this forum.

With regards,


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Re consult with your doctor and get a journey plan for your mother.

Discuss your options

With regards to

Surgical options

Chemotherapy plan ( normally one would require 6-8 cycles of chemo)

It could be upfront, after surgery, or sandwiched (3 before surgery and 3 after).

She would likely require Radiotherapy as well (clarify with your doctor)

And may or may not require Hormone Therapy.

Get idea of the cost implications of all treatments as financial planning is of utmost importance.

Seek opinion from Recognised Government hospital for Cancer treatments if you are unable to meet with cost of treatments privately.

Please read more about side effects of chemo and ask your doctor about its safety and tolerance in your mother's condition as he would in the best position to judge and guide you.

Please don't lead or decide your own treatments ( just 1 chemo) , All the treatment given by qualified Oncologists is usually evidence based and proven in clinical trials to be effective and life saving.

Please establish a rapport with your Oncologists and prepare and work hard for all treatments rather than wait everything to be spoonfed. Do read about the hundreds of extremely useful blogs written by specialists and patients experience on how the brave cancer survivors faced this chemotherapy treatments and overcame their fears by working together with their local Oncology team.

Wish your mother all the very best in her treatment.


Very apt answer by Dr. Rohit. Leaving nothing for me to add more.

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Thank you for your time tiger72,sumeet and Dr. Rohit.

I am glad that there is help available here :)


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